Ask Beastly

Do you have a sex, love, or relationship question? You’re in the right place.

Send me your question via the contact form below.


EVERYONE IS WELCOME. All identities, genders, ethnicities, ages, orientations, faiths, and backgrounds are welcome. You do not have to be LGBTQ+ to submit a question.

I DO NOT EDIT QUESTIONS. Last names/family names will be removed. I do not answer indecipherable questions. Sending a question does not guarantee a reply/post. Please note: You do not have to use your real name in the contact form below.

I WILL NOT SAVE YOUR EMAIL. Upon receipt, your message will be copied into a new draft and your email will be deleted.

DISCLAIMER: I answer questions from my perspective, opinion, and education — and, when necessary, with consultation from therapists and other professionals. That said, I am not a doctor and cannot provide medical advice.

PRONOUNS: Please include your preferred pronouns in your message.

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